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EQA for molecular diagnosis of Malaria- request for details of your lab profile

Thank you for your participation in our EQA scheme for Molecular detection of Malaria. Through the course of the recent rounds of this EQA scheme- we have realised that different labs detect Malaria at varied genus and species level. Hence, we might need to revisit our scoring in order to maintain parity amongst all laboratories.
To this effect, we are conducting a survey to gather information on your profile related to the molecular tests carried out in your lab for Malaria. We will analyse your submissions and draft a more relevant scoring accordingly, if needed.
Through this survey, we would like to request for you to kindly complete the attached laboratory profile form and return it as soon as possible.

1. Does your laboratory perform Genus only detection of Malaria (i.e. Plasmodium sp. detected)?*
2. Does your laboratory perform P.falciparum only detection for Malaria (i.e. a P.vivax sample will be reported as a negative sample for your lab)?*
3. Does your laboratory perform Genus plus species level detection of Malaria (e.g. Plasmodium knowlesi detected)? *
4. Does your laboratory perform Genus plus species level detection of all five species of Malaria (P.falciparum, P.ovalae, P.vivax, P.malariae and P.knowlesi)? *
If NOT- please detail the species identified in your lab (e.g. P.falciparum and P.vivax only).
5. Do you have any suggestions/opinions that could enhance the existing EQA scheme for Molecular Detection of Malaria?
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Closing date for submission 09.10.2018

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