Interpretive comments

This UK NEQAS service is for the assessment of clinical advice/comments and of patient investigation/management. The service is provided at a charge of £60 a year.

Eligibility to participate:

The scheme is designed primarily for medical practitioners and clinical scientists who are authorised to undertake independent practice in medical microbiology and virology in the UK. Other participants (non-UK specialists, trainees) will be identified in a way which allows the Scheme Organiser to analyse individual results separately. Please note that confidential, individual codes are provided to all participants so that performance is known only to the individual participant.

Aims and objectives of the scheme:

  • To assess interpretive aspects of clinical practice in medical microbiology and virology
  • To provide high quality, relevant and effective CPD
  • To promote competence and consistency of medical advice
  • To provide supporting evidence for appraisal, revalidation and laboratory accreditation

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