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Due to the nature of microbiology samples, shipment to countries outside the UK must be by air transport and are shipped as UN 3373 Biological Substance Category B items.

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  • Your country has contact details. These are the contact details for the distributor in your country.  Please contact them to register.
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  • Can’t see your country? That means we don’t ship there at present.  To find out if we could ship to you select N/A and press next button, complete the country application form.

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  • Complete the registration form including the finance form/credit application for our hosts, Public Health England. Click to download the form
  • Send signed documents as email attachments or by fax.
  • Await confirmation of acceptance. Once accepted you will be invoiced and you will need to pay your subscriptions.
  • We will try to register you before the next distribution is sent. Please note we require 4 weeks to register a laboratory to a new scheme, therefore you may not receive any distribution due within that time period. See distribution timetable.
  • Decide exactly which schemes you wish to participate in.
  • click here to have another look at the scheme specific leaflets and their sample reports to help you decide.
  • If you need technical advice on which scheme(s) are best for you, send an email using the scheme enquiry form below:


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Quotations can include freight charges depending on your country.  Fill the quotation request form below:

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