Mycology Teaching Scheme:

Mycology Teaching Scheme:

Scheme for Mycology teaching:
One-day workshops 2020-21

One-day workshops for Mycology teaching, Central London.

Participation in the UK NEQAS Mycology Teaching Workshop can help increase both
familiarity with a range of fungi and promote self-confidence in the accuracy of personal
performance and laboratory reports.

This unique teaching programme is intended to complement the educational aspects of the
UK NEQAS for Microbiology Mycology Scheme.

Delegates will have the opportunity to examine cultures and characterise both phenotypically
and microscopically.

The day will encompass clinically significant fungal pathogens including:
• Aspergillus spp
• Mucoraceous moulds
• Dermatophytes
• Non-dermatophytes
• Saprophytic fungi