FAQ - English

New participants

What areas of microbiology are covered?

The schemes cover bacteriology, mycology, parasitology and virology for a range of technologies including molecular, serology, culture and microscopy.

What type of specimens are covered by the schemes?

The majority of the simulated specimens are straightforward and comparative to those most likely to be found in clinical practice. Occasionally, more challenging specimens
may be distributed for educational purposes or where recognition of an unusual/emerging
pathogen may be of importance to the patient or community. New specimen types are
introduced into the repertoire from time to time and participants are notified when these
become available. Specimen format includes freeze-dried, serum, plasma, liquid suspensions and slides.

How does the service work?

Specimens are prepared and distributed to participants worldwide. Approximately 12 dispatches are made each year and participants receive samples for whatever EQA schemes they are registered for. The frequency of distribution types range from once to 12 times a year. Participants examine the specimens in their laboratory and report their findings to UK NEQAS for Microbiology through the secure webpage (or fax if necessary). Replies are analysed and participants receive an individual report which include the overall results for the distribution.

Reporting results/ web entry

What is the secure area of the website?

The secure area of the website is accessed by entering your unique laboratory identifier code and password. This area is used for result entry, to access reports and for other information specific to your laboratory. For additional guidance please see:


How can I return my results?

Results can be returned electronically using a web form on the secure area of the website. For guidance please see: