Re-registration April 2022 – March 2023- Instructions

ONLINE FORMS FOR PARTICIPANTS NOT SERVED BY A DISTRIBUTOR (NB: excluding Sweden and Iceland participants).

Your online re-registration form for 2022-23 is now accessible through the secure website login using your existing username and password and by selecting the yellow Re-registration button. The form holds your current contact details, EQA schemes for which you are currently registered and invoicing information.

Please complete and submit the form by latest 25 February 2022 (you will be able to amend forms multiple times up till that date). The final data that you have submitted by the deadline will then be sent directly to UK NEQAS Microbiology and will be the data we will hold of your requirements for April 2022 – March 2023.

Please follow the instructions on the form to ensure your requirements for April 2022 to March 2023 are accurately recorded for each of the four sections:

Section 1 – Address and contact details

Section 2 – Scheme registrations

Section 3 – Invoice details

Section 4 – Authorisation

Once all requirements are finalised and submitted you shall see a confirmation log showing all of your updates and can be either saved or printed for your records.

NB: During the re-registration period 05/01/22 to 25/02/22 we will only be able to undertake cancellation of participation (all schemes) and new participant requests. Any requests for participation changes will not be undertaken during this period (as we would expect participants to make these changes on the re-registration form).

Please find links below to:


New EQA schemes and changes for 2023-23: