Dr Sanjiv Rughooputh

Virology and Molecular Scheme Organiser

I joined the UK NEQAS for Microbiology in April 2016 after leading a WHO National Influenza Centre and a molecular and Virology laboratory for 7 years. I qualified and trained as a Clinical Microbiologist and I have worked in different settings in the UK and internationally, including the NHS, private, public health sectors and in academia with over 30 years’ experience. I am responsible for the delivery of a very rich portfolio of 27 virology and molecular EQA under the UK NEQAS umbrella. The EQA are diverse and cover every aspect of clinical virology and adapt to the changing landscapes of diagnostic microbiology as well as looking at emerging infectious diseases participating laboratories in the UK and internationally. UK NEQAS for Microbiology is patient focussed and always eager to provide added value EQAs that benefit our participants.